Floating Buttons for WooCommerce


Floating Buttons, Action Bar for WooCommerce with Floating Cart

WooCommerce shops now have JARVIS!

Add a set of Floating Buttons and Action Bar on your WooCommerce website with floating Cart. The floating action buttons act as Shop Assistant for WooCommerce shop and helps increase your sales. The Floating Buttons include recently viewed products, provides advanced, natural language search, floating quick cart, sticky floating contact form, recommended products, social share icons. Not only that, this plugin also provides popup notifications with custom messages and popup recently purchased or just purchased notices for users and Customer Conversion Statistics Report – all in one awesome package!

This is a noble approach to persuade buyers to order from your WooCommerce website. When activated, a floating button sits there at the right bottom corner of your website and offers helpful information or popup notices set by you. When clicked it will open a set of floating buttons that offer useful information for shoppers

WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS Pro Demo
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JARVIS Features Include

Advanced, Natural Language Search Interface

JARVIS provides an advanced, natural language search interface in a human friendly manner that admins can customize for words and language and add custom search parameters like Tags, Attributes like color, size etc.!

Pop Up Sales and Order Notifications (pro feature)

Pop Up Order Notifications or Sale alerts will help you sell more products by creating an urgency among prospective buyers by showing who else just bought products from your store. New sales alerts are shown in near real time. If your store is not so busy, you can create artificial or fake sale alerts.

Discreet Promotional Messages

In message center, you can add up to three (eight in pro version) different messages with display duration time in seconds. The messages will come out of JARVIS floating icon in time intervals defined by you during buyer’s stay on your website in any page. Messages can be anything or any link or even can contain images and they a. Let your buyers know what is special about your store, promote a single product or just tell them about your free shipping offer.

Recently Viewed Products

Buyers can quickly see at a glance the products he has already viewed and add the to the cart right from the JARVIS full-screen interface.

View Products in Cart

Buyers can view details of products added to the cart from any page of your website and checkout. JARVIS provides a one stop view of all user activities to help make a purchase decision and buy more!

Floating Button for Quick Support Enquiry

JARVIS provides a Sticky, Floating Quick Ball feature for Quick support enquiry. This sticky, floating contact enquiry form can help you increase sells more. Potential buyers can fill out the form from any of your WordPress pages and send you a support question.

Language Center

For your convenience, JARVIS comes packed with a Language center that allows you to change or translate various label texts in JARVIS popup windows. JARVIS can be used with basically any language.

WooCommerce Advanced Search Widget

JARVIS also offers 2 widgets independent of the floating icon. Use JARVIS advanced search widget in your side bar to allow advanced search feature to your shoppers or the JARVIS Recently Viewed Products widget to allow users to quickly go back to products that they have already viewed. You can turn off JARVIS floating icon should you want and just use the widgets.

Demo and Use Case Example

See JARVIS in action before you install.

WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS Demo

JARVIS Sidebar Widgets Demo

WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS Features

WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS comes packed with tons of advanced features.

  • Vertical balls, Quick Ball or Sliding bar Mode
  • Natural Language Search Query Builder
  • Show Recently Viewed Products
  • Show Cart Items
  • Custom Quickball
  • Floating Social Sharing for FaceBook, Twitter. WhatsApp, LinkedIn
  • Option to share fixed URL
  • Phone Call Icon
  • Sticky, Floating Support, Contact, Inquiry Form
  • Advanced Search and Recently Viewed Products Widgets
  • Popup Sales (just purchased order) Notifications
  • Artificial or Fake Sale Alerts to Create Urgency Among Buyers
  • Enable or Disable Notification Sound
  • Disable Sales Notification for Mobile
  • AJAX Add to Cart from Recently Viewed and Recommended Products
  • Message Center for Custom Promotional Messages with Support for Message Duration and Delay.
  • Many Prepackaged JARVIS Icons with Option to Upload Your Own
  • Fine Tune JARVIS icon position
  • Choose from Dozens of Animation Effects
  • Language Center to change or translate various label texts in JARVIS popup window. All front end texts are customizable from backend with in any language
  • Customer Conversion Reporting with Charts and Graphs
  • Shopper Conversion Statistics by Day, Week, Month and Custom Date Range
  • Rapid, One on One Premium Support

Upgrade to WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS Pro now – Get JARVIS Pro

Support, Bug Fix, Feature Request

All technical stuffs could be tough for your busy schedule. But you don’t need to go it alone. QuantumCloud’s quick and friendly customer support team is made up of top notch people, working hard to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it. We have built in Support area in the plugin. Just shoot us a mail with your questions or feedback and we will get right back to you.


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Who is it for?

JARVIS is a must have plugin for any woocommerce shop owner who want to increase sales and improve user interactivity.

How does it help you?

  • For woocommerce shop owners – WooCommerce shop assistant JARVIS Helps you feature products you want to highlight. You can also set up custom message notifications that will pop up in a friendly manner. Very useful to show site wide store notifications, sales pitch or announce products on sales. JARVIS also provides an advanced search interface in human friendly manner that admins can customize for words and language and add custom search parameters!

  • For Buyers and Shoppers – JARVIS acts as a virtual assistant that helps him/her ro get a high level overview of store activities at a glance easily from any web page. Potential buyers can see his recently viewed products, products in the cart, do advanced product searches based on price, see featured products.

JARVIS is a Win Win assistant for but woocommerce shop sellers and buyers developed by WordPress Plugin Development Company

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  1. Simply Activating the Plugin will start showing JARVIS in the front end
  2. Go to JARVIS-woo under WooCommerce menu to adjust settings
  3. To add widgets to your side bar go to Appearance->Widgets. Then drag the JARVIS and/or JARVIS recently Viewed Product widget to your desired widget area. Widget title, font size etc. are customizable.


  • JARVIS Back End Settings
  • JARVIS Back End Settings
  • JARVIS Back End Settings
  • JARVIS Back End Settings
  • JARVIS Back End Settings
  • JARVIS Back End Settings
  • JARVIS Quick Ball Mode
  • Quick Ball Mode Vs Full Screen Mode
  • JARVIS Quick Ball Mode
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Full Screen Mode


  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload JARVIS-woo in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel go to plugins and activate “WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS”
  3. To add widgets to your side bar go to Appearance->Widgets. Then drag the JARVIS and/or JARVIS recently Viewed Product widget to your desired widget area. Widget title, font size etc. are customizable.
  4. You are done.


Having problem with settings or options after upgrading?

If you face any problem after upgrading to version 2.0, please Reset all the Options to default from the Setting page


Ebrel 29, 2023
Recently purchased the premium version of this plugin for my website.Had a couple of small issues getting it started but the support team were extremely responsive and had everything sorted very quickly.Highly recommended
Hedra 21, 2021 1 reply
Purchased the Pro version after receiving fantastic responses to my initial concerns and questions. Developer has been quick to release fixes and assist with customisations to suit my site.
Meurth 19, 2021 2 replies
Extra Working !
Mis-Genver 2, 2019 2 replies
I found that the two fields cannot replace the language text in the Language Center. First field : No recently sold products found Second field: Questions or Comments? Contact Us Value
Meurth 6, 2018 1 reply
Really well made plugin and good support even for the Lite version!
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Contributors & Developers

“Floating Buttons for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Fixed a plugin redirect issue on activation


End Eid sale


Eid sale


Support section updated


Admin notice removed


Admin notice added


Fixed some PHP warnings


Fixed some CSS issues


jarvis search by category product issue fixed.
some css issue fixed.


Fixed sliding message issue


WP 5.6 compatible


Minor UI issue


Fixed issues cart number does not update, item does not get removed from cart, black circles do not match inner circle size


Improved WP coding standards


Added more language options


Added plugin deactivation survey


Fixed some errors on save


Hide Products in Draft Mode


Hide Products in Draft Mode


Conflict with wp widget area h2 tag issue fixed (bootstrap) version


Minor bug fix about search display


  • Introduced the quick ball feature to the free version. The new option can be found under “WooCommerce->JARVIS->GENERAL SETTINGS” in JARVIS Mode dropdown. You can choose the legacy Full page view or new Quick Ball.
  • Plugin settings page redesigned.
  • Added a number of new settings under OGENERAL SETTINGS tab.
  • Ability to write custom css to override default css under CUSTOM CSS tab
  • LANGUAGE CENTER tab to translate various title and texts.
  • Added “Reset all options to default” to reset the settings if any settings get corrupted.
  • performance improved.


  • Fixed an issue that caused conflicting jquery cookie with certain plugins.
  • Fixed an issue that caused not showing recently viewed products from cookie.


Fixed issue which caused JARVIS notification background change color for certain themes.


  • Fixed an issue when search settings was overridden when plugin activated or updated.
  • Added additional parameter for container font size in JARVIS widget and container font size and number of recent viewed product parameter for JARVIS recrntly viewed Product widget.
  • Misc. bug fixes


*Added two widgets
*Minor bug fixes


*Added new options
*Minor bug fixes


*Critical bug fixes
*2 new templates


*HUGE improvement and feature addition along with message center


*Initial version of JARVIS